High Voltage Rock n Roll !

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High Voltage Rock n Roll !

Last night we popped over to the massively impressive Etihad Stadium in Manchester, not to watch City play but to see the mighty AC-DC rock the night away.

Or should that read "AXel-DC"?

Michael had been looking forward to seeing AC-DC perform with Brian Johnson, as the last time he saw the band over 30 years ago (Mikei was still in nappies by the way) Bon Scott was their frontman. But sadly "Jonno" has now gone deaf and so the legendary Axel Rose (of Guns 'n' Roses fame) stepped in at the last minute to take over vocal duties.

The band were totally brilliant, with Axel and Angus starring throughout and in the attached shot you can just make out Angus playing a scorching solo in the middle of a tickertape maelstrom in front of 40,000 fans. However, we should mention that we now know precisely why Jonno has gone deaf !!

. . . In Rock We Trust, Our Hearing's Bust!


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