Candid Wedding Photography vs Traditional Wedding Photography – What’s The Difference?

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Candid Wedding Photography vs Traditional Wedding Photography – What’s The Difference?

At Lesley Thomas Photography we are often asked to describe the difference between ‘Candid’ and ‘Traditional’ photography.

‘Candid’ photography is also often described as ‘Photo Journalism’ or ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Traditional’ photography is also frequently described to be ‘Formal’ or ‘Classic’.

In ‘Candid’ photography the subjects are typically unaware that their photograph is being taken. This approach to wedding photography brings a sense of relaxed and natural spontaneity, giving realism and genuine emotion to the composition of the image, whether it be a single portrait, the couple alone together in an intimate moment, two/three guests engaged in animated conversation or perhaps a larger group of family and guests intermingling, laughing and loving the day.

This is what we at Lesley Thomas Photography call “capturing the moment” just as it happens and preserving it like a treasure so generations to come can revisit it afresh. And we always ensure that our documentary style then transcends into a narrative, with your story being told in a way that is unique to the couple, their families and their friends.

In contrast, ‘Traditional’ photography, involves a more formal approach to the way the images are taken with the subjects being arranged, or posed, by the photographer in a style that is closer to the classical still life of the early photographic pioneers such as Henry Fox Talbot, Walker Evans and Julia Margaret Cameron.

The basic fact that that the subjects know that they are about to be photographed gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves. Moreover, more conservative members of the family, particularly the elders, tend to prefer and even expect a traditional and formal style.

In the two photos above you will be able to fully appreciate the contrasts in these differing but complimentary styles.

We usually include some ‘Traditional’ shots to a level that meets the client’s expectations and which also keeps everyone happy. The reality is that in each and every wedding that has been covered by Lesley Thomas Photography, and all across Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and Yorkshire, our couples have fully appreciated our special blend of ‘Candid’ and ‘Traditional’ styles and the way that we build this into a unique narrative. In summary, the two styles are very much complimentary and not mutually exclusive.

As we like to describe it; “One Team, Two Photographers, Three Cameras . . . For A Wider Perspective!”

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