Canon Launches EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

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Canon Launches EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

At Lesley Thomas Photography we are massive fans of Canon cameras and lenses and have never ever considered venturing over to ‘the dark side’ (Nikon). Michael bought his first professional specification Canon camera way back in 1980, the now legendary Canon A-1 (pictured on the right above), which was a historically significant camera as it was the first SLR to offer an electronically controlled programmed auto-exposure mode.

The fundamental principles for auto-exposure employed in the Canon 1-A are still in use today in pretty much every camera or smart phone on the market and Lewis Collard has even gone as far as calling the Canon A-1 “the best camera ever made”!

Quickly moving on to the present day, for us professional wedding photographers the Canon EOS 5D is now undoubtedly the camera of choice, being highly versatile and possessing an amazing level of features and benefits housed in a rugged construction. However, with this superlative quality also comes a hefty price tag! At Lesley Thomas Photography we typically will use three of these cameras with an array of Canon lenses on any one shoot to provide our couples with the ‘widest perspective’.

It seems like only yesterday that Canon introduced the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and now there is an updated model, the Mark IV, pictured on the left above. The main upgraded features that would be usable from our perspective are an increase in megapixels to 30.4MP and some further improvements to the auto-focus system. For these changes, and a host of other features that we would not typically use, Canon Europe have effectively doubled the street price of the 5D Mark IV camera body only to £3,600!!!

We will certainly be keeping a lookout on the street prices in the months to come but at this stage the business case for upgrading is far from compelling and right now we would prefer to continue our constant investment in our lens portfolio. In our view a Canon lens upgrade can typically offer more benefits in image quality and we do certainly like a fine ‘piece of glass’, such as the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM (the Big White Beast that you will have seen Michael lugging around on our shoots!)

You can find out more on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV at;


And on the Canon A-1 at ;


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